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Invented for the Outdoorsy Cat owners. leash or harness don't work. Use this easy transportion solutions for your scaredy Feline friend. Be it a trip to the Vet or a exotic foreigh beach. This backpack will take them there.

Be the nurturing Pet parent you were always meant to be

We all dream of walking around with our Pets in our pouches and hop around like a Kangaroo. Now you can! This outside the box pouch hoodie has a built in pouch that let's you carry your small Pets in. Now you will never have to spend another moment away from them. You can take them with you while you're folding your laundry, watching your favorite TV shows or taking a short walk around the block. Your best fur pal can accompany you wherever you go and you can protect them from all sorts of dangers that they might face on a daily basis!

Provides a comfortable carrying pouch made with soft materials

Provides a safe space for anxious Pets

Provides way to protect your pets up close when you take them outside

Provides a warm and fuzzy feeling that makes your pet want to hangout way you.

Easy, effortless cleaning

Looks good on you when you wear it too

Original Design

High Quality Material

Satisfaction Guarantee


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