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Invented for the Outdoorsy Cat owners. leash or harness don't work. Use this easy transportion solutions for your scaredy Feline friend. Be it a trip to the Vet or a exotic foreigh beach. This backpack will take them there.

The Ferrari of Pet Backpacks

We all know it's difficult to take a Cat out. Cats love their enclosed safe space. What if you can take them outside to explore with you without ever taking them out of their Comfort Zone? This completely transparent Pet backpack puts your kitty and his lair on your back so that you can take them anywhere you like while keeping a close eye on them too! Extra saftey and creature comfort features ensure that you Cat feels safe and protected at all times while taking in all the glorious sceney at the same time you're seeing them!

Hassel free way to transport your Cats. Take them to a Coffee Shop, Vet. In a car or on a plane.

Excellent Safety features, fully enclosed with great ventailation, Seat Belt and water-proof Fabric.

Keep an eye on your Pet on the go. No more worrying about leaving them behind.

Designed like a space capsule. Lets your cat cosplay as an astronaut.

Let your Pet see the world as you see it. Travel together for the ultimate bonding experience.

Comes with padded cushion for your Pet's Extra comfort

Original Design

Unique and original stylish design. It is shaped like a tiny space capsule and makes your Cat looks like it's going on a space mission.

High Quality Material

Made with enhanced waterproof oxford fabric that is not only durable but protects your Pet from getting wet in case of rain.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Completely Risk-free purchase. If your Pet doesn't like it, we will give you a full refund within 90 days. No questions asked.


Shirley  -  10 JUN 2018,

"Super! The cat isn't making a fuss like she usually does in a Pet crate/carrier and seems to be quite comfortable in there and I can keep an eye on her all the time. My cat is quite large and it seems a little tight at first but she likes it."

Elle  - 15 SEP 2018

"We love this, but more importantly, so does our cat. He goes everywhere we go and just lays down and people watches while we do our shopping and errands. It gives him the opportunity to get out without being exposed to anyone/thing, or having to watch him while on his lead.Great bag for any cat or small dog, unless you hate attention because many will ask you about the bag. Our cat is still a kitten but we think bigger cats will do fine."

Larry  - 26 OCT 20178

"My cat gets car sick in most carriers. This one is perfect! He can see and is well protected. Was worried he wouldn’t have enough airflow. Works fine, but have only used in air conditioned spaces and in my air conditioned car."


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