Enjoy a cup Coffee in your favorite Shop without leaving your Pet

Perfect for a day out with your Pet in the Great outdoors

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Westgate Pets strive to introduce the most innovative, trendy, Eco-friendly Products to the Industry. This backpack is one of our first effort to introduce creatively designed Pet Carrier into the collective concious of Pet Lovers. With this backpack you can go out looking Spiffy and stylish while enjoying your Pet's company. No Pet's Left behind! Of course the most important thing here is that our little furry friend feels comfortable in this well ventilted, breathable space with padded cushion for extra comfort.The 360% Panoramic view is designed to fulfils your Pet's endless curiosity and insatiable desire to explore


• Wool Pad For Your Pet's Maximum Comfort

• Built-in Safty Belt for Pet Security

• Multiple Ventilation holes.

• Mesh side entrances

• Transparent Door that allows your Pet to experience the world with you

• Stylish, distinctive design that sets it apart from ordinary Pet carriers

Material: Polycarbonate, Oxford

Color:Yellow, Red, Green, Blue

Load Capacity: 13 lbs

Size: 11.42" X 10.63" X 16.14"

Weight: 2.7 lbs

Why we started

We started Westgate pets because of our deep passion for animals. We have a vigorous process to source only the best quality Pet Products from overseas or right here in the US. We want to build a store that can fund our passion to help save animals around the World.

What we do

At Westgate pets our target is ensure every product we source will make Pets around the world healthier and happier.

We strive to test every products we list so that nothing we sell is unsafe or harmful to animals.

Our Goal

We want to build a business where we can deliver great products with great qualities while at the same time using part of our proceeds to fund great animal causes such as the Humane Society , Anti-Cruelty and Pet Rescue organizations

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