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Portable Stylish Pet Carrier made with animal friendly PU leather and transparent design for 360 view

A new way to enjoy the outdoors with your Pet


Leave your home with your Pet without leaving the comfort behind. This Portable, Stylish PU leather Pet carrier is extremely eye-catching and lightweight for easy carriage. Full transparaent allows you to keep an eye on what's going on with your Furry Pal and also allow them to feel your calming presence.

Made with animal friendly and enviormental concious quality PU Leather

Brand new design. Simplistic but eye-catching. Stylish and functional

The Innovative see-through design allow your pet to enjoy a 360 degree Panoramic view point.

Stress-free and comfort.Soft Padding provides your Pet with maximum comfort.

Fully enclosed safe space to safeguard your Pet with mesh openings for fresh air ventilation

Risk-free purchase, Satisfaction guarantee

Original Design

Bright, Colorful and eye catching design for owner and soft material padding for optimal comfort for your Pet. Stay imtimate with your Fur Pal on the go with the see-through transparent design. Convenient and lightweight, Easily taken apart for space-saving storage.

Animal Friendly Material

Made with animal friendly and enviormentally concious PU Leather.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Risk-free purchase, your guaranteed satisifaction or your money back.



"This is a beautiful carrier! It keeps its shape yet it's cozy and not as unfriendly as a hard plastic. A perfect space for a small animal. I was worried that it might be too enclosed (no openings or "windows" on both sides), but it is well opened in front, back, and top. It seems cozy, not cramped."


"I loooved the way I can disasemble it for storage. It's the perfect little carrier, no more getting my boy's paws stuck in a metal carrier!! absolutely love it !! It was a HUGE hit at my vet. office as well! I highly recommend!"


"Very cute looking and can be taken apart and laid flat! That’s amazing. Can't count how many kennels I have had that are just unwieldy and taking up space. Did I mention that it has a SHOULDER strap. I don’t know how else I would have gotten all three of my cats to the vet by myself. What did we learn from this story, get it."


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