Should my indoor Cat be free to roam the outdoors?

We all love to spend time with our Cats indoor. As a Cat lover I cherish the precious little time to relax my Kitty after long day. But I can’t help But feel somewhat  guilty knowing my Cats are being confined within the tiny space of my one bedroom in the city. We know that Cats are genetically linked to wild breeds of independent feline ancestors who roam the wild freely back in earlier times in earth’s history. Therefore I often empathize when I look upon my Cat perched lethargically, staring out of the window with a longing gaze. I suddenly realized that they might not be truly happy unless they are allowed to see the glories of the outside world somehow.

Precisely due to their carefree and independent nature, we understand just how hazardous it to let our cats out into the wild. The dangers associated with unsupervised outdoor time is deterrence enough for many of responsible owners to keep their cats indoor where no harm can reach them. 

Although that doesn’t mean that there are no safe, manageable ways for your fur baby to enjoy the outdoors. But first we need to talk about the pros and cons of taking your cat on a wild adventure.


  • Injury or death in the hands of predatory animals.
  • “Cat Napping” by dangerous criminals looking to turn a quick profit
  • Malicious trapping by cat-hating people around your neighborhood.
  • Risk of contracting deadly disease such as FIV,FeLV, and FIP
  • Injury or death in the hands of reckless drivers that don’t value the lives of animals


  • The outdoor environment offers countless opportunities for your inquisitive cat to encounter new sights, smells, tastes, and other visual experiences, stimulating her natural curiosity and wellbeing… Ideally experienced in  in a safe and controlled environment
  • Outdoors, your cat is totally free to engage in instinctive behavior such as scratching that can if done indoor can potentially cause massive damage to your furniture.
  • Outdoor cats undoubtedly have more opportunity to get physical activity through climbing, running, or exploring. This can serve as a great natural way for your Pet to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.
  • By designating a protective, fenced in area in your backyard or garden,you can create a natural litter for your kitties in addition to her usual indoor litter for rainy days and at night.

With all that said. You can still take your Cats outside in a safe and responsible way to give your homebody Feline companions an experience "The great outdoors".

1.Carrying Your Cat

A great way to have outdoor time with your cat is to her around your backyard, allowing her to sniff and explore at will. Keep in mind that each outdoor expedition should not be overall long, it’s best to keep it under 10 or 15 minutes - as most cats will become too eager to jump down and explore on their own. I recommend to start with just one or two minutes and work your way up gradually. Depending on your Cat’s personality it might take a while, for example, for a timid cat who has never had an outdoor experience to get used to the new world out there.

2.Leash Training

Some cat can be trained to a harness and leash, using a gradual method of training while others might never get used to it. Many cats will initially feel confined by the additional weight of the harness, and their first attempts at walking on a leash will appear to be more of the "slinking" or "belly-crawling" variety. However, given time and patience on the part of the trainer, most cats will enjoy leash walking.

Using a sturdy harness or walking jacket, as opposed to a collar, is a must for Cats. Collars can be slipped too easily and allowed the cat to accidentally run off into danger.

Be sure to test your cat's "leash quotient" indoors for several days before taking him outside. Slow and easy will result in a cat with a safer and happy indoor-outdoor experience. However, keep in mind that there always a risk of injury, however slim,associated with this method as Cats are just too darn flexible.

3. A Personal Carrier

If you want train your cat to be a "traveling cat," but does not want to expose him to the aforementioned dangers of the outside world, we suggest purchasing our personal backpack carrier, called "Pet Capsule Backpack," manufactured by Westgate Pets.

4. Outdoor Enclosures

For cats who would prefer to "free-roam" (within limits), outdoor enclosures are ideal. They can be built from scratch, with your own or purchased plans, or assembled as modular enclosures.

Whatever your preferred method of enjoying the outdoors with your furry friend is. It is important to keep in mind that you should be mindful of any potential dangers that might harm your baby, be it physically or psychologically. Make sure to come up with a well-researched and secured way to have fun with them outside of their usually confined space. With that said, go out there and have some fun!